HIPlog - Next generation method for wireless downhole production monotoring

Wellstarter HIPlog is a patented downhole flow monitoring solution based on heat pulses released into the well stream. The system comprises autonomous heat source(s), and software for interpretation of resulting heat pulses. The heat source requires no cabling, does not release any material, and one or more sources can be installed along the productive zones of the well. The heat pulse is picked up by an existing downhole pressure/temperature gauge (PDG), and can be analysed real-time, onsite or remotely.


  • Monitor production: zonal contributions at steady-state flow conditions
  • Diagnose water break-through: identify zone(s) of water production
  • Assess cleanup efficiency: verify production from each zone – real time
  • Multilateral wells: determine flow rate per branch

A cost effective alternative to traditional wireline based systems with real-time data


  • Statistically significant answers to the important question: What flows where and how much?
  • A low cost alternative to traditional production monitoring techniques
  • Brings monitoring to wells where no monitoring is the option
  • Zonal production allocation while well is at steady state flow or during ramp-up. This supresses crossflow and recirculation problems which is a known challenge with most tracer techniques used today.
  • Real time and online data yields easy adaption to Digital Fields, enabling real time decisions
  • Optimal resource utilization also when lower cost is required (production optimization, infill drilling optimization)
  • Tracing flow with zero emission
  • Downhole system embedded in completion string – no installation or production downside
  • Fully wireless operation. Brings more use and value to the Permanent Downhole Gauge which is normally already in place.

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