Wireless Inflow Profiling

Optimal cleanup and production inflow profiling with HIPlog from Wellstarter

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Effective reservoir management is fundamental in order to optimize field recovery. Key decisions like where to drill infill wells, how to complete a well and how to balance production and injection all requires reliable down-hole production data. The high cost and risk of acquiring this data using conventional technology, such as production logging tools, is forcing operators to manage fields without this essential information.

New technologies are emerging, providing low-cost, risk-free and reliable production monitoring without the need for intervention.

Wellstarter AS has developed a patented downhole flow monitoring solution based on heat pulses released into the well stream. The system comprises autonomous heat source(s), and software for interpretation of resulting heat pulses. The heat source requires no cabling, does not release any material, and one or more sources can be installed along the productive zones of the well. The heat pulse is picked up by an existing downhole pressure/temperature gauge (PDG), and can be analysed real-time, onsite or remotely.

The picture shows an oil platform


Wellstarter HIPlog – a next generation wireless inflow profiling system providing real-time information during steady-state flow.

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About us

Wellstarter is a spin out from Prores AS, an independent oil service company. Wellstarter is backed with funding from ProVenture, other institutional and private investors, and grants from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council. The company’s main office is located in Trondheim, Norway.

Wellstarter‘s proprietary HIPlog system offers cost effective real-time and wireless downhole flow monitoring. The system is permanently installed in the lower completion of the production well.

Wellstarter improves resource utilization in any well

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