Wireless Downhole Flow Metering

Maximize reservoir recovery and optimize well productivity with real-time production data from your well

Our solution

Effective reservoir management is fundamental in order to optimize field recovery. Key decisions like where to drill infill wells, how to complete a well and how to balance production and injection all requires reliable down-hole production data. The high cost and risk of acquiring this data using conventional technology, such as production logging tools, is forcing operators to manage fields without this essential information.

New technologies are emerging, providing low-cost, risk-free and reliable production monitoring without the need for intervention. Wellstarter has developed HIPlog, a wireless downhole flow metering technology suitable for any well.

Cost effective monitoring of well performance

HIPlog is a cost effective solution that will provide well performance data over time. It is a risk free solution for well and reservoir monitoring.

Accurate flow rate along the production interval

HIPlog flow measurements are obtained downhole at reservoir conditions. This allows for accurate measurement close to the producing intervals.

Intervention-free surveys without production deferment

Once installed HIPlog provides repeated flow rate measurements during steady state flow without requiring any production stop and transient

Fully digitized workflow – real time results from anywhere

The HIPlog software is cloud based and provides fast and consistent real-time reporting

Adaptable to any type of completion

Any well can be equipped with HIPlog, either as a permanent solution with the tubing deployed installation, or as a retrofit solution with a wireline deployed installation

Applicable to water- and CO2-injectors

HIPlog is also suitable for injection wells.


About us

Wellstarter provide reliable, low risk and cost effective downhole flow rate data for the oil industry with the HIPlog technology. HIPlog enable operators to monitor their wells for years without the risk and cost of intervention.

The company is based out of Trondheim in Norway, where we offer professional support to our clients.

Wellstarter improves resource utilization in any well

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