• Regular understanding of well performance and reservoir drainage without deferment
  • Diagnose water break-through: identify zone(s) of water production
  • Assess cleanup efficiency: verify production from each zone – real time
  • Multilateral wells: determine flow rate per branch

A cost effective alternative to traditional wireline based systems with real-time data


  • Statistically significant answers to the important question: What flows where and how much?
  • A low cost alternative to traditional production monitoring techniques
  • Brings monitoring to wells where no monitoring is the option
  • Zonal production allocation while well is at steady state flow or during ramp-up. This supresses crossflow and recirculation problems which is a known challenge with most tracer techniques used today.
  • Real time and online data yields easy adaption to Digital Fields, enabling real time decisions
  • Optimal resource utilization also when lower cost is required (production optimization, infill drilling optimization)
  • Tracing flow with zero emission
  • Downhole system embedded in completion string – no installation or production downside
  • Fully wireless operation. Brings more use and value to the Permanent Downhole Gauge which is normally already in place.